Need to Pray on the go? Need to express your faith anywhere? iPuja is a Hindu prayer application. It feature hindu deities and the respective mantras to chant for each one. All the deities are actual Hindu Idols found at the Shiv Shakti Mandir in Mauritius.

Idol worship is one of the main precepts of Hinduism. The idol is a symbol, a form, with which the mind can be connected and concentrated upon. More than any abstract concept, an image or a symbol (yantra) is the best aid to concentrate and control ones mind and attention. By keeping the mind concentrated on a particular image, the mind can be stabilized. Idol worship helps us to concentrate the energies that emanate from a prayer into one strong flow of current in one particular direction.

In the symbolism section, we explain some of the symbols in Hinduism and their significance. We have a Kirtan Section with the lyrics of some major chants in Hinduism. Hanuman, Shiva and Durga Chalisas are included for now. We will be adding more kirtans in the future and add audio for them too.

We have a mantra chanting section to help you meditate. It loops through the mantras for continuous repetitive chanting of these powerful mantras. You can listen in through your iphone loudspeakers or through tour iphone headsets.

Please write reviews, tell your friends about the app and tell us of other features you would like in the app.

Version 1.0 includes

  • Deities and Mantras
  • Symbolism in Hinduism
  • Kirtan Lyrics
  • Mantra Chanting for Meditation